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Readers,you may wonder why suddenly we should be interested about our freedom fighters over 60 years after achieving freedom!

Well guys, just transfer of power from British lords to Indian Netas.....was it the ultimate goal of those who sacrificed their happiness and their life for our country???

British left India only after the Indian paid a very heavy price..... nothing came for free, but this was only the first step towards reaching their goal. In past 60 years,the development of our country did occur but have we yet reached that goal of making India as the best country of the world?

Certainly not. in fact we r still lagging far behind. 


For thousands of years we happened to be the richest & most prosperous country of the world..........but even more than 60years after independence we are standing far away from our past glory.

Indian per capita income(ppp) is among the lowest---$3452 (Sri Lanka - $4595, China-$6757, Thailand-$8677, US-$41890).

Same can be said about human development index (based on life expectancy, adult literacy, average years of schooling & purchasing power)---0.619 for India even less than countries like Maldives & Sri Lanka.

However, we are on top in number of HIV positive patients ,most of whom even don't know that.

In the field of corruption, human trafficking & child labour we r almost unbeatable.

Though rate of our income tax is more than most other countries of the world.

About one third of  Indians are still living below poverty line....even deprived of basic amenities of life.

Under all the glittering show-offs, this is the real picture  of our country now. 


No country was perfect, their people made them perfect..........
Japan did it.......within just 30 years(1868-1898) they had risen from a mediaeval country to a global superpower. China did it in past 50 years.....even though they got independence 2 yr after India.
Then where do we lag behind?What made us think that reviving our glory is impossible?
People in those countries paid true respect & followed the path showed by their leaders who revolutionized their nation-George Washington, Abraham Lincon (USA), Otto von Bismark (Germany), Mao Tse-Tung (China), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam, Nelson Mandela (South Africa) etc

Unfortunately, this is the domain where we shamefully lagged behind. Our motherland has given birth to many great souls-

RAJA RAMMOHAN ROY (1st modern man of India, made us realise the necessity of modern education, abolished 'Satidaha')

ISHWAR CHANDRA VIDYASAGAR (1st man to work for women freedom & literacy)

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA (Fought against religious superstition & taught character building )

RABINDRANATH TAGORE (The soul of India; a poet, a writer, a friend, a philosopher, a guide, a patriot......the ultimate person)

NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE (The greatest spirit of our freedom movement)

But, what are we doing? Sitting indifferent........thinking what i can do alone?????????

Guys that's why we let u know the inspiring stories of our heroes--their struggles.......their dreams...their ideals and above all their dedication & sacrifice for our country.
Just think if Netaji or Bhagat singh had thought like this , possibly we are still slaves of British Empire.
Even if u don't think of Netaji or Gandhiji there were numerous heroes forgotten over time , who rose up from every corner of the country at that time. they were not aliens......they were Indian too...... then if they can why we can't?  


It is our country, none but we have to make her prefect......if not for others then for ourselves....our families........for our next generation.

1) If u can do nothing else at least raise  your voice against the wrongs around u, SPEAK UP, DON'T PRETEND TO BE NOT LISTENING, NOT SEEING ANYTHING. Believe me, this one act can make a difference and frankly speaking it brings good feeling too.

2) Prepare yourself, read the books about Netaji and Vivekananda.  Must read "AMI SUBHAS BOLCHI''''SUBHAS GHORE FERE NAI'', BOOKS WRITTEN BY VIVEKANANDA.

3)Spread whatever you come to know about the real pioneers of our country to as many as possible.

4)Try to do whatever you can for the welfare of the society without expecting any reward. Do remember whatever good  you endeavor for the society may lead to high criticism. Also remember - all new ideas are generally opposed not due to they are faulty but due to they are new
5)Make yourself strong in four regions: PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, ECONOMICALLY & SOCIALLY
6)Try as you can to revolutionize our  education , health & moral values that prevail in our society.                           


Success is not the ultimate , ultimate is whether we are trying or not. Happening nothing due to no try & happening nothing in spite of honest effort has a huge difference.

                                        GOOD LUCK.....


  1. thanks a lot..for let us know about our forgotten real heroes....these stories inspire a lot....your work is really inspiring one...but we want to know more about it...hope we will get that...if u need any help i would be happy to help you....ananya

  2. thanks a lot for your response and support....
    we will add more of the real history to this blog.....
    work is underway.......soon they will be published........once again thanks a lot