Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In the history of Indian struggle for independence, it is very hard to find a strange character like PARESH ROY.

He was reckoned to be a spy of British Govt. to his kith & kin and friends.But, was he really a betrayer to his country?

Certainly not, only a few top most leaders of BENGAL VOLUNTEERS (B.V was an underground revolutionary group organised by Subhas Chandra Bose during 1928 Kolkata Congress. It was led by Major Satya Gupta) knew the real identity. But to serve the country he took the disguise of a spy & heartily accepted dishonor,disgrace & hatred from the countrymen for doing such work, at that period when patriotism was at its full hipe.

Paresh played a master stroke.In the reign of the British Empire,he trapped an English IPS Officer in a very clever way

The IPS Officer was terribly alcoholic & used to spend all his sal;ary by the middle of the month.At that time Paresh acted as a saviour for him & encouraged him to drink more assuring to pay his family expenses in time.

But in return, Paresh forced the officer to allow him to take away some important files from the police department assuring to return back within few days.These practice continued for years & thus B.V leaders managed to receive all the reports about them & their organization filed in the police department in advance. These helped B.V to dodge several arrests of their members & plan different programs.

In 1940, when Netaji was imprisoned & the Govt. didn't express any expression of releasing him. B.V leaders recalled Paresh to find a way. Paresh again forced the officer to reveal a possible way of Netaji's release. At first, the officer didn't comply.

But under continue pressure from Paresh, he ultimately revealed a way i.e. if Netaji becomes ill & appeals for his release, he may succeed.

Netaji hardly believed that when the news was conveyed to him. But when he was shown the police file about him brought by Paresh, Netaji was astonished.

Few days latter, Netaji complained of suffering from severe pain in the abdomen & started hunger strike, voices raised all over the country about illegal imprisonment of Netaji. Finally on December 5, 1940 Netaji was released from jail but was house-arrested.

On 17th Jan,1941 Netaji fled from his house which marked an era of Indian history. This big event would have not been possible if Paresh Roy had not done that great work. But nobody knows his name. Let us salute this great son of India.

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