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                                UDHAM SINGH

13th April,1919 Jalianwalabag

Soil of punjab became red in the blood of thousand of innocent people. Old , children, even pregnant women were not spared from the firing ordered by Governor O'dier & perfectly executed by Gen. Harry Dier.

         Not just that, forcing the dignified Indian citizen to crawl on open street, beating up youngs without reason, forcefully removing clothes of women in open places---------------these were daily sports for those CIVILISED British officers.

          When the news spread the whole nation bewildered .

          Tagore gave up his knighthood condemning the act, even many Indian members of the British Viceroy's council resigned.  But do u know guys, in response to these what Brigadier Harry Dier said, "alas, we didn't have any more bullets. The ally was so narrow that we could not bring the machineguns. If we could i would be the happiest man."

      Micheal O'dier also praised him.The same voice echoed from the HOUSE OF LORDS in london. They CONGRATULATED him for this 'ACT OF HEROISM'. British aristocrats went even further,they AWARDED Harry Dier with 26500 pounds.

       The 'HERO' did not stop yet.He wrote a book called 'India as i know it'.where he wrote Indians don't deserve to be human, they should not be considered nothing more than animals.....

       Well guys did Hitler showed more hatred to Jews than these?????

       Even now some people think very highly of British Raj....well the history mentioned above tells somethoing else......

        Guys, now hardly anybody knows about Udham Singh.He was just a boy of 15 years at the time of Jalianwalabag massacre but on that day he took a vow for revenge.
         13th May 1940, london, 21 year after Jalianwalabag.........

          Harry Dier died due to illness by then but Governer O'dier was still alive.   At afternoon O'dier went to a meeting at Tudor hall. Udham Singh were among the guests. suddenly  his eyes sparked in fury..........who is that man entering the room???..........blood thirsty O'dier.

          The shooting distance was too great, so he waited. At the end of the meeting O'dier came closer to him. Udham Singh took position & shot O'dier from point blank range with all 6 bullets of his revolver.

           Police immediately came and arrested him, to all others' astonishment he happily walk away with police such   as the ultimate goal of his life was fullfilled.

           In  court he said that his name is Ram Mohammad Sing Azad, because he is not only punjabi or sikh.......he is an Indian; so as his name............Ram (hindu), Mohammed(muslim), Singh(sikh), Azad( means independence).

            He was hanged on 1st may,1940............even before his death he never lost his joyfull mood & kept saying that he has no regrets...

               Now a days, hardly anybody knows his name but at that time not only all Indian but even few British people congratulated him for taking revenge of our national disrespect.

                                  UDHAM SINGH after being arrested

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