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        Hemchandra Ghosh spread the fire of revolution inspired people to join BENGAL VOLUNTEERS (B.V). Masterda SuryaSen,an active member of B.V led B.V in Chittagong. He & his co-members Ganesh Ghosh, Anant Singh, Ambika Chakroborty, Nirmal Sen,Loknath Bol developed a youth brigade in Chittagong.

                                              (SURYA SEN)

                                             (GANESH GHOSH)

                                            (GANESH GHOSH)

                                            (ANANT SINGH)

                                               (AMBIKA CHAKRABORTY)

                                           (LOKHNATH BOL)

    In 1929 11th May they got Netaji Subhas Bose amongst them. In a secret meeting Ganesh Ghosh, Anant Singh, Tripura Sen& others made it clear to Netaji that they just will not  remain like a military dressed, unarmed volunteers of Congress. They don't support non-violence policy of Congress. Under the mask of non-violence ,they want to prepare for armed youth revolution. Undoubtedly Netaji also supported their plan.

         At this point of time, Bengal's political sky was darkened centering the rivalry between Netaji & Jatindra Mohan Sengupta regarding Congress election in Bengal.The youth wanted Netaji as their leader in Congress, while the old Congress people wanted Sengupta. 

         This rivalry also spread among the revolutionaries. Masterda & his followers  wanted Netaji, while Anushilan Samity supported Sengupta. although Netaji won gloriously but the clash among revolutionaries could not be avoided. Sukhendu Dutta, a class 10 student & B.V activist in Chittagong got injured in the clash & died in hospital. In his funeral procession Netaji Subhas Bose walked bare footed.

          All revolutionaries wanted revenge, but Masterda calmly prevented them. He told all not to lose energy by fighting among themselves, but to prepare for a anti-British revolution.

          Meanwhile Hemchandra Ghosh was organizing B.V. He was an experienced campaigner. He realized previous all efforts of revolution failed because of lack of preparation.

          He first arranged for some hiding centers where the revolutionaries could hide when British police would start looking for them.

          B.V also developed a medical team for themselves. Dr.Satyendra Kumar Dutta, Dr.Durgadas Banerjee, Dr.Suren Bardhan, Dr.Provas Ghosh, Dr.Arun Nandy, Dr.Prakash Dutta, Dr.Animesh Ray, Dr.Jiten Sen& others came forward to help B.V. Some of them were even members of B.V. 

          A panel of  lawyers were also developed  who will fight cases for revolutionaries free of cost. Lawyers like Khagen Kar,Chintaharon Ray, Binoy Sen, Paresh Saha & others were  some who helped B.V.

          Then came the historic 1930. B.V were ready in different parts with arms,will & courage.The revolution started from Chittagong where Masterda & his courageous revolutionaries threw out British Govt & hosted tricolour Indian Flag.

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